Board of Directors

An energetic Board of Directors comprised of community leaders and concerned citizens, whose priorities are governance, fund raising, oversight of the agency’s strategic plan, and volunteering, lead the Stateline Boys & Girls Clubs.


Al Bach
Frank Alongi
Don Baker
Bill Barth
William A. Bolgrien
Tom Burke
Roger Bryden*
Jerry Chapel
Peter Church
John Clark
Bill Dommer
John Eldred*
Don Engebretson
Carl Euller

Tom Finley
Ken Forbeck
Chuck Gilbert
Glenn Hanson
Diane Hendricks
Tom Hill*
Jimmy Jay*
Don Johnson*
Art Kapitanoff
Jim Kelley
Randy Kirichkow
Linda Kolden
Kenneth Laughran
Terry Leahy*

Frank Marsden*
Steve McNeal
Tim Monahan
Don Morello
Tom Nee
Tom Roehl
Dick Rusch
John Sheehan
Danny Schultz*
Dave Tarrolly
Tom Tibbetts
Dr. A.O.Tuftee*
Jack Warner
William Watson


Staff & Leadership

Mark Rank, Chief Professional Officer | Stateline Boys & Girls Club

Mark Rand

Chief Professional Officer

I am humbled and honored to be able to lead such an important organization in our community.  We invest in young people, as the return on investment is exponential.  Our young people of today are the future members of our communities, parents, workforce, executives, and hopefully civic leaders.  By investing in them today, we are assisting them in creating each one of their GREAT FUTURES!  The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to help others!  We live by that every day at our clubs.

Meghan Moffett-Minter | Stateline Boys & Girls Club

Meghan Moffett-Minter

South Beloit Unit Director

Here at our South Beloit Location, every day is always a new and exciting adventure. I take pride in helping build a fun, safe and creative environment that allows our members to grow, thrive, and make long lasting connections with members as well as with staff. I feel very honored to be able to work at the South Beloit location and help it keep growing into becoming a positive place for kids.

Caris Haley | Stateline Boys & Girls Club

Caris Haley

Beloit Unit Director &
School Site Director

Working with youth is a joy! Every day they walk through the doors of our club each child brings their own uniqueness, personal life experiences, needs and expectations.  Each day presents a new challenge that keeps me stimulated to learn more. I do what I do because I love kids, watching them grow, and learn.  Making a difference in their lives today means making their future stronger and better.

Jake Wedig | Stateline Boys & Girls Club

Jake Wedig

Youth Sports & Program Director

Working at the Stateline Boys & Girls Club has been in incredibly eye opening and life changing experience for me. Being able to see the impact we have on the youth in our area and be a part of their everyday lives is an incredibly rewarding feeling. My goal is to help give these kids a platform for all their beliefs and what the stand for, as well as put them on a path for that will help them succeed in their futures.

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