Stateline Boys & Girls Club Newsletter | June 2019

Summer is almost here! As the school year comes to a close, and summer programming gets ready to begin, everyone is hard at work preparing for another impactful summer. Young people of the Stateline Area have come to depend and count on Stateline Boys & Girls Clubs for not only their safe, positive place to be, but also their summer fun place! Our staff makes it their mission to deliver on this.

Stateline Boys & Girls Club Newsletter | May. 2019

April was an extremely busy month, but in all honesty, one of my favorite month is here at our clubs. This is due to our Today’s Dreamers, Tomorrow’s Leaders event. What an amazing night of empowering our young women, while celebrating the women leaders in our community and state. This event gives our young ladies an opportunity to see that future and to see examples of women leading. Enjoy the photos in this newsletter!

Stateline Boys & Girls Club Newsletter | Apr. 2019

February has brought winter weather in full force here in the Stateline Area, but it has not stopped our club kids from enjoying time at our clubs doing STEM projects, art projects and staying physically active. Please enjoy all of the enclosed photos and if you would like to come see these things first hand, contact me at 608-365-8874, or [email protected] to set up a tour.

Stateline Boys & Girls Club Newsletter | Mar. 2019

Last month was the beginning of a New Year and Mother Nature has not disappointed us this year. Cold weather brings school and club closures, and make us mindful of how we do things. We as a staff and organization got together and shifted our thought process. In the past, we have always taken cue from the school districts and closed when they closed due to weather.

Stateline Boys & Girls Club Newsletter | Feb. 2019

December brought closure to 2018. What a terrific year it was. If you have been following our newsletters, we hope you have been able to keep up with all of the amazing activities here at our clubs. Here is to an exciting, fun and impactful 2019. As always, Thank you to all of you whose support of our clubs, it is so instrumental in enabling us to do what we do!

Stateline Boys & Girls Club Newsletter | Dec. 2018

November is a time to be thankful. We, the Stateline Boys & Girls Clubs have so much to be thankful for. By the time we pen another newsletter, we will have gone through another holiday season. From all of us here at the Stateline Boys & Girls Clubs, we want to wish you and your families a Happy Holiday Season.

Stateline Boys & Girls Club Newsletter | Nov. 2018

Fall is upon us and that brings a lot of excitement around our clubs. You will see from the pictures in this newsletter that our clubs are not only fun for our kids, but also our staff. Sometimes I think they have more fun than the kids.

Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation Camp

Stateline Boys & Girls Club Newsletter | Sep. 2018 (b)

It’s hard to believe as I write down these thoughts that Summer Programming at our clubs has come to an end. What a fun and impactful summer it was!

Scoopy & Stateline Boys & Girls Clubs

Stateline Boys & Girls Club Newsletter | Sep. 2018

September brings the start of the school year, but it also brings many exciting things at the Clubs! You will see by the photos and such in this newsletter a sample of the exciting activities going on.

Today's Dreamers - Tomorrow's Leaders

Stateline Boys & Girls Club Newsletter | April 2018

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